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There's an inseparable association between SAME and the world of farming, which the company has helped to modernise with its tractors and an endless series of technical innovations. Each model is modern, efficient, rugged and well-built, safe and reliable, a faithful and tireless partner. SAME has gained the trust of entire generations of farmers all over the world, becoming a point of reference for the hallmark values of solidity and practicality that it has always represented and that it continues to express to this day.

SAME was founded in 1942.

With Europe in the midst of the Second World War, and with still no signs of peace in sight, two brothers decided to follow their instincts and invest in a forward-looking idea. The vision of the brothers Eugenio and Francesco Cassani took shape in a company they named SAME - Societa Accomandita Motori Endotermici.
Founded on courage, a spirit of adventure and engineering prowess, SAME has innovated, invented and manufactured excellence in agricultural machinery. The company has pursued a clearly defined mission since its inception. Right from the start, the Cassani brothers dedicated their efforts to the design and development of solutions to make the farmer's job easier. When it was introduced in 1952, the first four wheel drive diesel tractor ushered in a genuine revolution in agricultural machinery.
The intuitive genius of the two brothers began reaping rewards, and the company grew from strength to strength to evolve into the success story it is today. This is what we aspire to - this is our mission: to lead farmers towards a future that we write together.

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